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“Mind-Blowing” Vocabulary for Describing Trends in IELTS Writing Task 1

For those currently focusing on enhancing their IELTS Writing abilities, you may be acquainted with common phrases such as “a significant increase” or “a slight decrease” when illustrating trends in Task 1. However, the subsequent impressive vocabulary will aid you in portraying trends in a vivid manner and substantially enhancing your scores in vocabulary and grammar.

  1. Achieving a New Record High

Dynamic charts often display peaks in data. While many individuals might utilize expressions like “reach a peak” or “attain the highest point,” it is noteworthy that the term “a record high” is a more remarkable phrase to consider.

Illustration 1:

The proportion of beef consumption attained a record high of 55% in 1997.

Illustration 2:

Beef consumption proportion escalated to a record high of 55% in 1997.

  1. Reaching a Low Point

When describing the minimum values, utilizing the term “a trough” will differentiate you from others who may simply state “hit the bottom” or “reached the lowest point.”

Illustration 1:

By the year 2000, chicken consumption had reached a trough of only 33%.

Illustration 2:

Chicken consumption had plummeted to a trough of merely 33% by the year 2000.

  1. Returning to a Previous Level

This verb choice will undoubtedly garner praise from many test-takers who encounter challenges when portraying a decline followed by an increase in a specific quantity.


Rather than composing:

The percentage of lamb consumed dropped to 20% in 1995 and subsequently rebounded to 35% in the ensuing five years.

You could compose:

The percentage of lamb consumed plummeted to 20% in 1995 before recovering to 35% in the subsequent five years.

Thus, Oxford English UK has imparted to you some vocabulary that yields high scores, which you should consider incorporating into IELTS Writing Task 1. If you aspire to enhance your Writing skills, do not hesitate to register for our courses.

We extend our best wishes for your success in your IELTS preparation. We look forward to engaging with you in our forthcoming posts on mastering the IELTS examination. Do not overlook the opportunity to peruse more enlightening articles concerning IELTS knowledge from the instructors at Oxford English UK!

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