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10 Common Types Of Test Questions In IELTS Reading (Part 1)

Each type of IELTS Reading test will challenge different reading comprehension skills and require different strategies. Readers can find out details about how to do IELTS Reading test types and review instructions in the article below:

1. Diagram label completion

Task type requirements: Complete the labels on the chart based on the information provided in the passage.

Description of the lesson: Candidates will be provided with a chart, a blank summary paragraph with important information. The candidate’s task is to choose the correct answer to fill in the blank.

Task tactic:

Step 1: Read the question carefully and ask for the number of words to fill in

Step 2: Determine the correct type of word or information to fill in.

Step 3: Underline keywords to find information faster

Step 4: Predict synonyms and antonyms

Step 5: Read and scan the text and stop at the keywords related to the question

Step 6: Choose the answer

This type of essay assesses what ability:

  • Read and understand the diagram.
  • Identify synonyms and other expressions of the sentence (Paraphrase).
  • The candidate’s scanning ability and vocabulary

2. Information identification questions

Format requirements: Information identification questions are one of the popular IELTS Reading test types. This type of essay requires you to determine if the writer’s information and opinions in the question are true/false/the information is provided in the passage to answer Yes/No/Not Given or True/False/Not given.

This type of essay assesses the ability to:

  • Summarise and identify the correct information in the passage
  • Scan and understand the deep meaning of that information
  • Understand the writer’s stated views and statements

Description of the lesson: 

In the question, there will be about 4-5 sentences containing the information given in the reading passage. Candidates will read each sentence and determine whether it is true or false or appears in the text.

Strategies for doing assignments:

Step 1: Read and identify the content of each sentence

Step 2: Underline the keywords

Step 3: Locate the information in the reading text

Step 4: Use keywords and compare with the information in the text

3. Matching features

Requirements of the article type: Find information that is compatible with the characteristics of the subject in the list. Then, match the statements or information with a given list of choices.

This type of essay assesses the ability to:

  • Skimming and Scanning skills.
  • Ability to find and identify article layout.
  • Determine the relationship of events in the text.
  • Be able to identify theories and ideas stated in the article.

Requirements of the article type: Find information that is compatible with the characteristics of the subject in the list. 

Description of the lesson: Candidates will be provided with questions including the subject of a prominent person, event, thing or place in the lesson. The contestant’s task is to find information that matches each topic and connect them together.

Strategies for making post types:

Step 1: Read and understand the sentence in the topic, underline the keyword

Step 2: Identify the information area in the reading passage

Step 3: Read comprehension, compare and choose the answer

4. Matching headings

Requirements: The Matching headings format requires candidates to match a list of headings and the correct paragraphs or sections

This type of essay assesses the ability to:

  • Identify main ideas/topics in paragraphs/sections of text
  • Distinguish the difference and identify the main idea with the supporting ideas.

Requirements of the essay format: Candidates must choose one of the headings provided and place it in the appropriate passage.

Description of the type of article: The topic will provide different titles, suitable for the passages in the reading passage. Candidates need to choose which title matches which passage.

Task tactic:

Step 1: Read each title, underline the keyword

Step 2: Read the passage and circle the correct title

Step 3: Re-read the entire title and eliminate the answers that are definitely wrong

5. Matching information

Requirements: Find exactly the information in paragraphs A,B,C,.. Information that you may be asked to find: specifics, examples, reasons, descriptions, comparisons, summarise and explain.

This type of test assesses the ability to: Read comprehension, locate details, recognize a summary or definition.

Requirements of the test format: Candidates need to find specific information in paragraphs A, B., C and match them with the appropriate answer.

Type Description: The test asks the candidate to find information about specific details placed in each passage. After that, the candidate will put the Alphabet letter corresponding to each paragraph in the answer that the candidate thinks is appropriate.

Task tactic:

Step 1: Read the topic carefully

Step 2: Underline the keyword in the question

Step 3: Skim the entire article, based on the keyword select the paragraphs that can be searched for information (Skimming and Scanning)

Step 4: Choose the answer and compare.

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